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Pasta and French Toast GALORE!

So good times were had the other night!

It was full of beer pong ( Non-Alcholic on my part ), a trampoline, swimmin', Marco Polo, a fire, pasta, and new friends.

I was able to get a hold of Ryan and tag along on over to his house to hang out. From there we went over to his neighbor's house to hang out with a few of his friends. It was mostly just talkin' about random things with music in the background. It was nice and relaxin' with a fire to keep us warm.

Random festivities before mentioned occured. I played Beer Pong and actually won a game with Shannon! YEA BABY! Although, I will say that their rules differed from the old house rules that I was accustomed to. I was a little nervous with the Trampoline, never really did that before. On top of that, a couple of the people were still a WEE bit tipsy. No major damage! Just nerves. Water was nice and warm, swimmin' and splashin' for a bit. After that it was Marco Polo. WHICH! I will say, very disorientatin'! The only constant that I had was the water from the slide. After that it was a matter of keepin' other people warm, I'm not really affected by the cold myself. I was able to maintain a good fire, yea, I'm a Woodsman. WHAT YOU GOT!? Late night cookin' which is always nice! Should have stayed over, but went home afterwards. Had to put myself back into 3rd shift mode. Wouldn't have worked with people sleepin' around me while I just sit there. KINDA CREEPY! On my part, not their's.

THAT was the happy note. NOW IT'S TIME FOR THE BITCH MODE! As I am not happy with work.
I requested Saturday off, to go to a Weddin'. Side note, it was nice. I get a phone call in the middle of a weddin'! SON OF A... I get a call from Wendy at work on Damon's part. They want me to go to 3rd shift and bust out freight, the way I bust out my hoes! Yea, I said no. As I had previous engagements, and I had to open in the Cash Office. I get home, tryin' to nap a little as I was tired from the night before. I get another phone call. Yea, Damon wants me in, I state again I have plans, and I'm then told. No I don't, I'll be on 3rd. W. T. F!! Not happy about this. So I have been on 3rd for the past two nights. NOT FRIGGIN' HAPPY! I don't even acknowledge Damon, and when I do, it's short and rude. The only good part about last night was that Jen went to Overnights and we worked in HBA all night long. I got a random phone call RIGHT after break from Ryan. Of course I wanna answer, but the work ethic always kicks in. So I answer anyway. Made plans to have breakfast in the mornin'. Made the night a little better knownin' there was French Toast and a blueberry muffin in my future!

I'm still not happy about the situation though. At some point I know I'm goin' to blow up at Damon, so I'm tryin' to keep my distance. Granted, I think I should have the right to blow up at him. I had a puppy date and fireworks all planned out. I just want this week over with. Then I go back to days and the world will be right again!
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