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Asmodean digivolve to Asmodeanmon!

I finally decided to paint my room a color I like. Instead of that god-awful purple, silver, and gold sponge debauchery! It's now a nice light blue. Called Blue Star. Anyone who catches that reference is a wonderful person indeed.

Of course you can't paint your room and just put it back the way it was. I now have a newly rearranged room on top of it all. I'm not goin' to hang anythin' up until tomorrow, just to be on the safe side with the new paint job. Granted I've been done for a few hours now.

Also on the subject of new, Chris was kind enough to buy me a new computer this past weekend. I am in my glory! Now all I have to do is upgrade to a better connection and I will be in Mana. I <3 Chris very much right now. I will be payin' her back in the weeks to come.

Nothin' much else new on the lifefront. I work here and there. Eat some various foods, which reminds me, I'm kinda hungry. Randomly hang out with Tiffany and Ryan.

End Transmission.
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