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Random Update while I pack

So tonight is the last night I will be spendin' in my house. I will be movin' up to New Hampshire and movin' in with Jesse. Tomorrow will be my last day at 2228, A.K.A. the Pittsfield Wal-Mart. My new store will be in Amherst, New Hampshire, not even ten minutes from where we'll be livin'. I'm really sick of movin', I just wanna buy my house in Chester and live there. But that won't be happenin' any time soon, since some random creeps own it right now. But that is neither here nor there.

My room has an echo to it, that sense of emptiness that comes with boxes of stuff packed and ready to go. I haven't even packed everythin' yet, I still have breakables to contend with. Naruto is on, some random episode I haven't seen, and I'm not concerned. I'm all about the Shippuuden series now. Sai for the win.

I made a Banette stuffed animal the other day. Didn't come out good at all, but I'm fine with that. Never did say I could sew.

Not much else I can say, my mind isn't focused on any one thing. I'll see you guys in a year or two.
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