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The Black Tower

xXx Asmodean xXx

28 February
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Well the basics are pretty much taken care of...
:: looks above ::
Let's see... I'm a Pisces AND a Dog! That's kinda bad... wet dog and all.
:: holds his nose ::
Hmm... er... ah... ACK!
Currently my single brain cell is fried... so I'm at a loss for thoughts.
My day consists of a whole lot of stuff!


Wake-up, Pee, Dress, Work, Eat, Sleep, Repeat.


Okay... maybe not a WHOLE lot... but I occasionally shower sometimes!
If and when I do have free time it's either taken up by Videogames or Books.
I'm really only good at RPG's, any other type and I tend to suck... bad... really bad. I also enjoy the Resident Evil series... only problem is I tend to piss my pants... :: sob ::
As for my book time, it usually consists of the Wheel of Time Series, which I read over, and over, and over, AND over.


I came up with some more non-nerdy stuff.
...Turns out... it's dorky.


-=^=- I really like cheese. It's good.
-=^=- I also like this smiley face ^_^
You can turn it into a cat if you wanted to
=^_^= See?!
-=^=- I'm left-handed, that makes me cool.
If your not left-handed, don't worry you can still be cool.
-=^=- I like Catsup on everythin'.
-=^=- Do people even read this much of profiles? If so, you should leave a post in one of my entries and tell me.
-=^=- Dogs rule, Cats drool.
-=^=- I think it would be kinda cool to meet new people on this thing. But I can't use the directory. SOMEONE STALK ME! ...but in a nice way!
-=^=- I want to eat some Life Cereal right now.
8:35 a.m. 17th November 2002


I'll eventually add some more tid-bits of useless knowledge eventually.


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-=^=- 27th November 2002
-=^=-I am currently in the process of playin'...
-=^=-Resident Evil
-=^=-Resident Evil 0
-=^=-Final Fantasy X
-=^=- Someday I'll actually like to learn to play the Lyre.
-=^=- The Beretta is my favorite car.
-=^=- Like most people Blue is my favorite color.
-=^=- Final Fantasy III is my favorite videogame.
-=^=- A&W Root Beer is my favorite soda.


-=^=- 2nd January 2003!
-=^=- I am known as Asmodean ( Lunar-NET Court Bard) at the Lunar-NET.com Forums.
-=^=- I am listenin' to DJ Mystik- Butterfly... RIGHT now.
-=^=- I just had two burritos w/ cheese and A&W Root Beer. ^_^
-=^=- I am goin' to get a nice pay check tomorrow.
-=^=- The first game that I played for the new year was Final Fantasy III.


-=^=- 21st January 2003
-=^=- I'm goin' to put in some random quotes now...
There's nothing like the sound of hundreds of voices screaming in unison.
- Kefka
What's the point of wearing your favorite rocketship underpants
if nobody ever asks to see 'em?
- Calvin & Hobbes
Man:There's nothing wrong with drinking! And so what if my liver gives out? I always have a spare!
Nalll:Uh...are you thinking about kidneys?
Man:Oh, yeah. Well, I guess I'm screwed.
Iceman: "I've got two choices here. Number one: Run away-- save self. Or... Number two: Prevent the mercenaries from being crushed-- possibly get crushed myself. I'll be expecting Thank You notes-- from everyone!"
what annoys you about people in general?
everytime i look at a person i know that sometime in their life their
bed sheet came off the corners of the bed
...and thats something im incapable of dealing with
-Alisha D.
You're gonna have to work for your meal!!
I came across a saying in Arad Doman. "The more women there are about, the softer a wise man steps." It would not be bad to remember it."
When a woman says she will obey you, of her own will, it is time to sleep lightly and watch your back.
"I once saw a man hanging from a cliff," he said slowly. "The brink was crumbling under his fingers, and the only thing near enough to grasp was a tuft of grass, a few long blades with roots barely clinging to the rock. The only chance he had of climbing back up on the cliff. So he grabbed it." His abrupt chuckle held no mirth. "He had to know that it would pull free."
-=^=- Fake, but Funny Quote
"Make sure you are very careful on this 'skimming' platform, my lord.... My lord? Rand? RAND?"

oO0Oo oO0Oo oO0Oo oO0Oo oO0Oo oO0Oo oO0Oo

-=*=- 16th March 2003
-=*=- Benjamin Phoenix Drenen born 8th March 2003.
5:58 a.m. 7 pds. 2 oz. and some odd length.
-=*=- I ate some beef a little while ago and it's makin' me feel gross.
-=*=- I am constantly wearin' my Scooby Doo Pajama pants... even in public.
-=*=- I am about to take a shower, because I smell.
-=*=- Thank You, Mom by Good Charlotte is playin' right now and is on 2:22 for the time.
-=*=- I just looked at some blue balls I have on the shelf, there are four or five of them.
-=*=- Eleven people are currently on my buddy list, and four of them are away... okay 12 now.


-=*=- 10th June 2003
-=*=- I tend to be a very a quiet soft-spoken person.
-=*=- My jobs require me to smile, yet I don't.
-=*=- I just bought some burritos... and I kinda want to eat them.
-=*=- It's 4:42 A.M. and I can see the beginin' of dawn.
-=*=- Erica just said that I looked hot. But she's asleep. Hmm...
-=*=- I'm a level 27 FoMar in Phantasy Star Online.
-=*=- My Mag is a Naga that looks like a flyin' sperm.
-=*=- Is the cup half-empty or half-full?
-=*=- I think the egg came first.
-=*=- :: Yawn ::



-=*=- 1st July 2004
-=*=- Right now the time is 1:49 a.m.
-=*=- Lost.. Broken Shards is now playin' on Winamp
-=*=- I want more tattoos.
-=*=- The thunder is gettin' louder as I type... yet there is no rain.
-=*=- My cousin's Weddin' is next Friday, my mom wants to get drunk... HA!
-=*=- My mom doesn't drink.
-=*=- When I am done here, I am goin' to take a pop-tart and crush it into a ball.
-=*=- My allergies are goin' mad-crazy this year... it makes me sad.
-=*=- Apple pancakes are good.


-=*=- 27th August 2004
i&apos;m in hufflepuff!

be sorted @ nimbo.net


-=*=- 24th November 2005

-=*=- Did I ever mention how much I hate this holiday?

my pet!


-=*=- 17th July 2006

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